Hottest Sterling Silver Chain Online

Hottest Sterling Silver Chain Online

Since ancient times, men and women have been wearing silver jewelry to adorn their bodies. Silver became a symbol of wealth and power among the Egyptians after they started importing the precious metal from Afghanistan. Ancient cultures in Mesopotamia and Rome used silver jewelry to indicate their social prominence. Silver chain played a significant role as scarabs and religious icons were quite popular among people. These silver chain expressed the religious beliefs and social status of the wearer.

These days, sterling silver chain have become highly popular among men and women. Before you can buy sterling silver chain, it is important to know more about sterling silver. Sterling silver does not mean pure silver. 100% pure silver is too soft for everyday use. Sterling silver refers to silver that contains 92.5% silver and 7.5% alloys. The alloys used could be copper, nickel or zinc. The addition of these alloys makes silver strong, tensile and durable ? qualities that are essential if silver ornaments are to be worn.

Sterling silver chain are available in different sizes, styles and designs. Silver chain may be worn on a thin silver string or on chunky silver chains. The chain themselves may be small and delicate or huge and flashy. Intricate designs may be worked into the metal or the metal may be molded to form iconic shapes. Truly, sky is the limit when it comes to designs and styles.

Before selecting a silver pendant, one must consider the different styles. Personal preferences hold sway here, and no style is better than the other. While some people like the shapes of animals, others like signs and symbols. Still others like sterling silver chain that have been combined with gold or precious stones.

Generally sterling silver chain are worn near the neck or just below the collar bone. This is where it attracts maximum attention. For more formal occasions, it is advisable to wear sober designs on a thin string of silver. However, if you are looking for the bling thing, then, you can use chunky chain on chunky chains.

An important aspect of buying Sterling Silver Chain is workmanship. Craftsmanship varies from place to place. Superior craftsmanship always costs more. Elaborate designs and intricate patterns are as rare as they are exquisite. No wonder sterling silver chain are a favorite with celebrities around the world.